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Girona, a city of movies


Some say that Girona, touristically speaking, if we may say, is a city of stone/s. And that's true, but does not define everything. Not the whole of the city offer visitors.

Playing with the catalan phrase "being of cinema", meaning to be something great at this website we intend to show another side, that of Girona as film set for movies and commercials (some of which have been made and also the potential) and the activities and institutions related to the cinema: the offer of the Cinema Museum, one of Europe's finest collections of themed precinematográfica, festivals that are celebrated, and exhibitions, and also a Girona important reference for those who have dedicated themselves to recording artists of his creative imagination on celluloid strips.

Girona offers from medieval setting scenarios (cloisters, walls, towers...), a short distance from other well differentiated in time (avenues with buildings of modern design, for example), through different eras that have left imprints architectural in the city. We can also add natural settings (parks, gardens, natural environments, rivers ...), elements of culture and leisure, business and enterprise, etc..

In this regard, brief and concise, of locations, we can add around Girona: a few kilometers away are the Pyrenees, on the one hand, and on the other, the Costa Brava, with its contents paisagística only, through towns and rural villages or medieval setting, or natural places such as Banyoles Lake, the cliffs of Castellfollit de la Roca, or volcanic areas of the Garrotxa, to name a few distinct locations.

If these strokes of what can be found in Girona in regard to sets, add the communications of the city (highway, airport, railway), and hotels and restaurants facilities, all is highly attractive for imaging professionals, both in the aspect of film creation, as in the filming of commercials advertising.

We hope the information, highly graphic, contained on this site may be helpful to these professionals as well as anyone wanting to know how and what is Girona.