for films and commercials

Themes Paragraphs Sample

Natural Landscape Green areas, parks and gardens, rivers, valleys, fountains, urban landscapes. The Devesa Park

Culture & Leisure Cultural facilities: museums, exhibition halls, art galleries, theaters, concert halls, cultural centers.
Leisure facilities: restaurants, hotels, bars, dance halls, terraces.
Sports activities: pavilions, swimming pools, tennis.
The Municipal Theater

Commerce, business
and companies
Shopping streets, markets, conference hall, exhibition center, science and technology park. Argenteria Street

Historical and religious
Churches, chapels, monasteries, Arab baths, castles and fortifications, towers, graveyards. Cloister of Sant Pere de Galligants

Cityscape and
Onyar houses, bridges of the city, the Jewish quarter, wall ride, stair unique, squares, singular courtyards, Maso's buildings, arcades, streets, panoramic aerial views, urban landscape elements associated with the legends. La Farinera Teixidor, of Rafael Masó